Heavy-duty spare parts reliably

When you buy Limetec cargo space solutions, you can count on the availability of spare parts. In addition to tailor-made bodywork and trailers, Limetec After Sales offers comprehensive service and spare parts services. The most common heavy equipment spare parts are always in our warehouse and we strive to guarantee the fastest delivery.

Heavy equipment spare parts are available in these categories, among others:

  1. Protectors and accessories
  2. Lighting and electricity
  3. Binding and loading
  4. Door components
  5. Rubber seals
  6. Chassis and bodywork
  7. Aluminum profiles
  8. Boxes

Take a look at the parts list

Spare parts are definitely found

We carefully document all the customer work we have done. Documentation of the products at the design stage and in the delivery phase ensures that the customer can get the original spare parts of the heavy equipment they want as needed. Our spare parts sales are based on the digital spare parts list.

When selecting a Limetec trailer, you can also quickly and reliably find and deliver trailer spare parts. Cabinet ready and back - The Limetec After Sales keeps the wheels rolling!

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Limetec is headquartered in Kokkola, Finland. Most of our products are exported to our main markets in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Baltics, Switzerland, Nederland’s, UK and Russia. Through our dealers and service points, we offer good service near all our customers.