Heavy equipment maintenance and repair services

When you purchase Limetec cargo space solutions, you can also count on the maintenance and repair of heavy equipment if need be. In addition to tailor-made bodywork and trailers, Limetec After Sales offers comprehensive service and spare parts services. Whether it’s about repairing collateral damage or warranty work, you can always turn to us.

With your choice of Limetec, trailer care has been carefully planned and implemented and therefore carefree for you. All Limetec deliveries include a service manual. The manual contains information on both maintenance and overhaul of the bodywork and chassis. In addition, there are electrical diagrams, a list of spare parts and contact details for the nearest service point.

All the drawings are documented and each product gets its own manufacturing number, which makes it easy to maintain and order spare parts.

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Trailer maintenance, repairs and modifications

Thanks to our comprehensive maintenance network, the maintenance of the trailer is smooth. Limetec has more contract suppliers in both Finland and Sweden. Trailer repair or modifications are carried out at our factory. In the case of heavy equipment repair, the delivery time for repairs and modifications is significantly reduced when planning, manufacturing and repairing are in the same location and all expertise under the same roof.

Limetec Trailer maintenance and repair services:

  1. Repair of bodywork
  2. Replacement of bodywork
  3. Moving the bodywork over a new platform
  4. Installation of equipment, Cooling devices and heaters, overhead lift trucks, trailer equipment
  5. ABS and EBS correction
  6. Straightening of frames and bodywork
  7. Paint and Tape Services
  8. Spare parts sales, digital spare parts list
  9. Collision Repair

When selecting a Limetec trailer, you also choose a reliable service. Cabinet ready and back - The Limetec After Sales keeps the wheels rolling!

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Limetec is headquartered in Kokkola, Finland. Most of our products are exported to our main markets in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Baltics, Switzerland, Nederland’s, UK and Russia. Through our dealers and service points, we offer good service near all our customers.