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Team Limetec designs and manufactures custom tailor-made heavy goods freight solutions such as truck bodywork, trailers and dollies.

Planning and production of vehicles are carried out in Kokkola, Finland, in state-of-the-art facilities, using state of the art technology at all stages of the process. The factory production model has been renewed and established during 2017.

Our factory has two assembly lines, which enable us to better manufacture the appropriate transportation solutions for our customer. On one production line, we manufacture a Limetec Next product line that needs to be customized to our standard product family. On the second line, we finalize the Limetec Specials range of customer-tailored load cabs. Our production is effective because it is standardized as far as possible and tailoring is only done in the final stages.

Choose the product range according to the shipping needs

All Limetec transport solutions are divided into two product lines: Limetec Next and Limetec Specials.

Limetec Next

Standardized, standardized product line with customizability

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Limetec Next

Customer-tailored transport solution with efficient design

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Experience in the transport sector ensures a finished user friendliness

Heavy equipment and freight transport are all familiar to us. We have long experience in the industry and especially our background in the transport sector is the strength that we provide to our customers with tailor-made solutions and significant added value.

Extensive range of equipment, cutting-edge technology and investment in design ensure that Limetec’s transportation equipment is just the right solution to your transport needs. With our solutions, heavy traffic is in the case of Container transportation, bulk carriage or freight transport.

Customer orientation and quality consciousness are the basic principles of Limetec’s operations. Our goal is to offer our customers exactly the kind of transport equipment they want. Our entire supply chain from design to production through service has been refined to serve our customer’s needs: Limetec Next or Limetec Specials product series will surely find the transport solution you prefer.

Team Limetec’s quality is based on durable structures and reliable components. That’s why our freight solutions are time-consuming and hard-wearing even in special situations in demanding situations.

We design and manufacture our products ourselves to the trusted European suppliers of subcontractors
of standard high-quality components manufactured in Europe.

Our operations also define a good service after delivery. Through our dealers and service points, we offer good service near all our customers. It also means reliable service and spare parts service.

Team Limetec is headquartered in Kokkola, Finland. Most of our products go to our main markets in Scandinavia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. In the case of goods transport with high quality and efficiency requirements, Limetec is developing tomorrow’s transport equipment for today’s transport.

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Limetec is headquartered in Kokkola, Finland. Most of our products are exported to our main markets in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Baltics, Switzerland, Nederland’s, UK and Russia. Through our dealers and service points, we offer good service near all our customers.